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In the midst of the COVID-19 lockdown, when the world seemed confined to our homes, and was seeking new ways to connect and engage, I stumbled upon the fascinating realm of Augmented Reality (AR). As I delved deeper into articles exploring its applications, I became increasingly intrigued by how big companies like Snapchat and Instagram were utilizing this technology to engage users. This newfound curiosity sparked a desire within me to try my hand at creating an Instagram filter that would captivate audiences during these challenging times. After pondering various themes, I decided to settle on Bollywood, as it held a special place in the hearts of many Indians.

Choosing the Perfect Theme

With Cricket and Bollywood being two of the most popular interests among Indians, I embarked on a quest to determine which theme would resonate most with the Instagram audience. After thorough research, it became evident that Bollywood had a broader appeal. Its vibrant colors, iconic movie scenes, and memorable dialogues would create an immersive experience for users and allow them to test their knowledge of Hindi cinema.

The concept of a Bollywood gibberish Instagram filter, where users had 10 seconds to guess a famous movie or dialogue, emerged as the focal point of my project.

Development and Challenges

Equipped with a vision, I began developing the filter using Facebook's Spark Studio, a powerful tool that allowed me to bring my ideas to life. I mapped out the game logic, devising 40 random question cards with corresponding answers. To enhance user engagement, I designed the filter to display a brief game introduction for the first 2 seconds, followed by 10 seconds to answer the question, and finally, the revelation of the correct answer. Incorporating AR technology, I created a card that would overlay on the user's head, making the experience even more immersive and interactive.

However, the path to success was not without obstacles. Instagram's stringent guidelines and policies presented a significant challenge. The platform prohibited the use of certain logos and copyrighted images, making it essential for me to curate content that adhered to their guidelines. As my filter prominently featured Bollywood pictures and dialogues, the Instagram algorithm consistently rejected my submissions, deeming them in violation of their policies. Determined to see my creation come to life, I iterated and refined the content, ensuring compliance while preserving the essence of Bollywood charm.

Publishing and the Waiting Game

After numerous iterations and adjustments, I confidently submitted my filter to Instagram, eagerly anticipating its release. However, the platform's manual verification process meant that I had to wait patiently for 48 to 72 hours to receive any feedback. Despite the anxious wait, I decided to redirect my focus to work and other responsibilities, hoping for the best while mentally preparing for the possibility of rejection.

Triumph and Unexpected Virality

Two days later, as I was engrossed in my daily routine, I received an unexpected call from a friend, asking if I had created an Instagram filter. Surprised and intrigued, I quickly accessed the Spark Studio analytics and was left in awe when I discovered that my filter had garnered a staggering two million impressions in just three days. It had gone viral!

The filter's success was not a stroke of luck; it was the result of influential Instagram accounts and popular stand-up comedians stumbling upon my creation and sharing it in their stories. The filter's unique concept and engaging gameplay had struck a chord with the masses, driving its rapid spread across the platform. The influx of user-generated content featuring the filter further fueled its popularity, as Bollywood enthusiasts and casual Instagram users alike embraced the challenge of deciphering the gibberish.

As the filter gained traction, it caught the attention of various publications and media outlets. Numerous articles featured my Bollywood gibberish Instagram filter, highlighting its innovative concept and the joy it brought to users during a time of uncertainty and isolation. The filter became a topic of conversation, with social media users sharing their experiences and challenging their friends to guess the Bollywood movies and dialogues.

The filter's unexpected virality opened up doors for exciting collaborations with influencers and content creators. They recognized the filter's potential to engage their followers and eagerly incorporated it into their posts and stories, further amplifying its reach. The filter became a sensation in the online entertainment community, drawing the attention of Bollywood celebrities, film critics, and even production houses.

The impact of the filter extended beyond the virtual realm. It became a conversation starter among friends and family, sparking nostalgia for classic Bollywood moments and prompting discussions about favorite movies and dialogues. The filter not only entertained but also fostered a sense of connection and shared experiences, bridging gaps and bringing people together, even if only virtually.

The success of the filter taught me valuable lessons about perseverance and adaptation. Overcoming the challenges posed by Instagram's guidelines required constant iteration and a keen eye for content curation. It was a testament to the power of creativity and the ability to find innovative solutions within constraints.


My journey of creating a viral Bollywood gibberish Instagram filter during the COVID-19 lockdown was a thrilling rollercoaster ride. From the initial inspiration to the challenges faced during development and the eventual triumph, the filter's success was a testament to the popularity of Bollywood and the power of interactive and engaging content. Through AR technology and a simple guessing game, I was able to capture the attention and enthusiasm of millions of users worldwide. The filter's unexpected virality brought joy, entertainment, and a sense of connection during challenging times, solidifying its place in the annals of Instagram's most memorable filters.