About - Ashmeet Sehgal

About Me

Greetings!, I'm Ashmeet Sehgal, a passionate Software Engineer who finds joy in creating innovative solutions. Through my code and writings, I aspire to inspire and uplift people. This space serves as a collection of my learnings and creations accumulated over the years. I have a deep enthusiasm for side projects and take pride in assisting fellow developers, particularly those who share my background, in progressing within the tech industry.
Presently, I am fortunate to be working with a leading Fortune #1 Companywhere I contribute to delivering an exceptional user experience with lightning-fast performance.

The goal isn't to live forever, the goal is to create something that will.

I derive great pleasure from experimenting with my content, particularly when exploring topics related to Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual health. My aim is to shine a light of hope for those who find themselves confined by darkness. If you believe I can be of assistance, I welcome you to book some time with me. Please feel free to get in touch. Contact me

In my spare time, I dedicate myself to learning new technologies, crafting non-fiction pieces, and mastering the piano.

To summarize:

  • 💻works as a software engineer
  • 🇮🇳from India, and can read and write 3 different languages
  • 🎒love to bagpack to different places
  • 👻omnivert in nature
  • write about life
  • 💪non-smoking teetotaller. don't need tea, coffee or beer to work for hours
  • 🎹can play piano
  • 🏊swimming relaxes me
  • 🎧music helps me to disconnect from the world
  • 🌱vegetarian